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Chosen: First Part of Chapter 1

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

“While we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.”- Titus 2:13-14

Hello my friend, my eyes dance with color as I look into your eyes and my Spirit is wild about you, allow me to introduce myself, I Am the Redeemer. I was chosen by my Father to take the place of pain so you would not have to. My Spirit is one with the Father’s and my mind is set on the things above. When I was in the world, I was not moved by the things of this world. I know the temptations of sin, as I too was once tempted. I have seen what pride does to a man as I once called out sin through stories of long ago. I Am alive and real. Stories of me have been told throughout the pages of history, they were not fairytales as one may suppose, they were real.

I came to redeem the world and set the example for the life I have called you to live, my example is your roadmap. We are not as different as you may think, in fact our DNA crosses through time as we are both called a child of God. My love for you is deep and wide like that of my Father’s and I understand your struggles and pain, as I too cried out to Father to deliver me from pain. Friend, I became flesh so that what sin stole could be reclaimed. What was once missing, relationship with God, is now found once again through my sacrifice. I crossed the barrier so you can commune with Father. Sin has been defeated and death has been reclaimed. I have come to give you life and life more abundantly. I was the first and I am the last. Through union with me, you too will discover what it means to be set apart. The sin in this world hated me, it too will hate you. Friend, it will be worth it.

Apart from anything else I ask that you remove your walls you have set against me and allow my kindness to crawl into your heart. I know the world has left you dry and defeated. I know you have been rejected and spit on. My friend, I know this because the world rejected me too. My love is not tainted, in fact I died for those who rejected me. I gave my life for those who spit in my face and I would do it all over again. My blood that was spilled on your behalf and has the power to set you free from your pain and tormenting thoughts. It also has the power to replace what was lost as you find the answers you long for.

I Am kind, patient, and good. I am also filled with joy. I want to add some joy back to your life as you dream and imagine with me. I will add wisdom to your life as I transform your dry heart to one heaping with compassion. My word outlines my desire to walk with you as I disciple you in the ways of my strategic wisdom. Break me out of the box you have put me in, Friend, I have much to show you.

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