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Taste & See

Updated: May 11, 2021

I walked quickly into my work place as my heart leapt with joy. I flung open the front door and gave my co-worker a giant grin. "I think I have finally entered into my breakthrough season" I exclaimed excitedly. She smiled kindly as I went on, "nothing in the natural has changed but I feel light and free." I hummed quietly as I walked back to my desk ready to take on the world. The dark blanket of depression had been shed and my heart was free.

How often do we find ourselves in a constant sea of changes. As wave after wave of emotions crashes over us, leaving us to process the remains. Not long after this monumental moment I found myself fighting depression once again as a dark cloud hovered over my dreams. My desire to be happy and live the life I planned, clouded my vision from seeing all that God was doing for me. He was strategically aligning places in the natural while restoring the broken places of my heart. All I could see in the natural though was waiting and unanswered promises.

How often do we find ourselves depressed and anxious as we feel behind and left out. We hear God say things like "rest and find contentment" but our heart yearns to run and achieve. We feel as though we are falling behind this fast paced world and begging God to make something happen. We expect a quick fix life, as if Gods promises will come without us first conditioning our heart to His will. God's desire is for us to grown within the promise not to just walk blindly through it.

We serve a good God, who gives us taste and see moments. As we are awaiting the promise, He shows us what is to come and brings joy and peace within the pain and struggle. God invites you to find Him in all that you do; amongst the waiting, within the rest, and through a content heart. My prayer is that you will not rush your season of growth. Allow God's will to be evident in your heart as He brings you through season after season. I pray you will not begin living only in your breakthrough season, but you will find Him within it all. Taste and see that you serve a good God, a God who joins you on the mountain tops and within the valleys. He cares deeply for your growth as He partners alongside you throughout each season of life.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." - Psalm 34:8

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