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"Loved," a timeless message to reveal the very essence of God. The mysteries of His nature are uncovered throughout history as we see the word “love”; the greatest commandment and one pursued in every religion and culture. Though love is often defined, the goal of this book is to see love as a person by answering the question, “who is Love?”


The enemy has assaulted the body of Christ with lies, fear, and division. We know throughout scripture that perfect love casts out fear. Love is the answer to overcoming hate and division. Each chapter will challenge readers to look within and overcome the bias that has swayed their belief in the Creator. Through an inner healing journey; the reader will not only be overcome with gratitude for the Savior, but overcome with love. The character of Love will become personal, real and tangible instead of solely a belief or vacillating (or indecisive) idea.


Loved has endless depth and will encourage the reader to pick up the Word of God and find the answers we are all searching for. The message of this book is counter-cultural as it proposes the simple question of “who is Love” and “how do I meet this riveting entity.”


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