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Trinity Trilology Course

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The now complete set beautifully presents the Trinity Course You will get: Downable PDF of all three books Breakdown teaching of each chapter Email check-ins from Anna Zoom meeting after you complete each journey I am so excited to share the Trinity course with you. Grab your people and start this course together or go it alone and travel the path God has for you. Either way, my prayer is that you will be deeply impacted on this journey. When I began writing my books, I had no idea where they would take me or the lives they would impact. The journey hasn’t always been easy; and the path to get here has been rocky, but God uses our story. I am beyond grateful. To say that I am glad you are here is an understatement and I want you to know how excited I am to go on this journey with you. Whether you want a better understanding of the Godhead; or you are ready to experience the divine bliss of relationship with each part of the Trinity, this course is for you. As I wrote the Trinity Trilogy, I was blown away by the heart change I had by simply writing out what I experienced with each part of the Trinity. I have been forever changed, and that is my prayer for you. So, let's begin! This is a self-paced course. You will receive emails from Anna along the way checking in on what you are learning. You will also be invited to join a Zoom meeting with Anna and others after you complete each journey. This time will be spent gleaning from each other on what we are learning! Journey 1 - Loved, you will learn: - How to connect to the heart of God - How to develop a lifestyle of intimacy - How to surrender to God’s Will Journey 2 - Chosen, you will learn: - How to connect to the heart of Jesus - How to break out of religious patterns - How to operate in your gifts and calling Journey 3 - Valued, you will learn: - How to connect to the heart of Holy Spirit - How to move into a new area of revelation - How to operate in the fivefold ministry




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