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‘Chosen,’ a sequel to ‘Loved’ is a redemptive message to reveal the nature of Jesus and His love for you. The heart of Jesus is revealed through His joy and plan for you as you step into His world. Though redemption is often defined through the glory and sacrifice of the cross, the goal of this book is for us to truly see Jesus and His compassion for our journey as He answers the question, “who is Chosen?”


The enemy has tried to fill our hearts with lies convincing us that we are unworthy of redemption. We come face to face with the feeling of “not enough” and yet Jesus speaks the truth, that because of Him we are worthy. Stepping into your identity that you are in fact chosen is the answer to overcoming those lies. Each chapter will challenge readers to look within and overcome fear as they step onto the path that has been laid before them. Through an inner healing journey, the reader will not only experience victory in overcoming the temptations that Jesus faced, but overcome with compassion for others. Redeemer embodies the true identity of Christ and His love and adoration for you.


Chosen carries a depth of wisdom and will encourage the reader to not give up their fight. The reader will discover that each battle is won in the secret place. The message of this book is counter-cultural as it fills you with purpose and passion. Your journey as chosen has just begun.


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