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“Valued,” is the final book in the Trinity Trilogy coming after “Loved” and “Chosen”. This final book displays a message of freedom to reveal the Spirit of Truth in a world full of deception. The Voice of the Holy Spirit is the wind in our hair and the movement in our step. The enemy has tried to fill our hearts with lies and deception, causing confusion and chaos to find us at every turn. This life is not our own, and we were not called to walk it alone.


When you accept the Holy Spirit, your perspective on everything will change. A Holy fire will be set and send you out for such a time as this. The Spirit of truth has a name and is a being of nature. Through discovery of this divine nature you will step into your identity and find out just how much Value you bring to those around you. Each chapter will challenge readers to look within and overcome fear as they step onto the path that has been laid before them.


The reader will not only experience victory in overcoming the daily battles we face, but also gain the key of victory that will set them up for eternal victory. Wind embodies the true identity of the Holy Spirit and gives a tangible experience with lasting impact. Valued carries a depth of wisdom and will encourage the reader to stay the course and lean into the sounds of heaven. The reader will discover that each battle is won in the secret place.


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