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What can I say about Stirred Up that hasn’t already been said?! I have attended many of their events and have been touched every single time. I LOVE the freedom for the Holy Spirit to work freely and the gifts to flow as He wills. I have made amazing friends through this - friends to pray and worship with. If you want to experience a touch of the Holy Spirit, I would absolutely recommend attending! Janice and Anna are anointed for this and God is using them both in mighty ways along with their worship team!

—  Dawn B. 

Meet Our Team

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Anna Pranger

Stirred Up Ministries

Anna desires to bring the “Acts Church” to local communities and inspire others to operate in the truth of who God truly is, limitless and not confined by boxes we put Him in.


Chris Pranger

Stirred Up Ministries

Chris Pranger is anointed to share the love of God through the Father's perspective.  Learn what you are made of and who you were made for as Chris passionately shares the message of true identity.


Kris Pranger

Stirred Up Ministries

Kris has a desire to see the body of Christ come into relationship and identity with God as they fulfill their calling.


Missy Sherron

Missy is a humorous, down-to-earth storyteller whose passion is to illustrate the goodness our Loving Almighty God so that women’s hearts will be stirred to deeper faith and bolstered to live abundantly and purposefully through the Holy Spirit.


Briana Danean

Briana is anointed to leader worship as she invites the Holy Spirit to have His way in the room.


Audra Bennett

Audra uses her gifts and talents to usher in the Holy Spirit through her psalmist gifting.

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