Reigniting fire in the body of Christ  across
the nation.

Meet Anna
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Anna Pranger is the Founder of Stirred Up Ministries. She travels and speaks at conferences, churches, coffee shops and in-home gatherings, sharing truth through the prophetic gifting of the Holy Spirit. Anna's desire is to bring the “Acts Church” to local communities and inspire others to operate in the truth of who God truly is, limitless and not confined by boxes we put Him in.


Anna's heart is for the chains of religion to be bound and for grace to be loosed in the souls of those who desire freedom. Anna is the host of Wanted at the Table podcast. She thrives in communicating the heart of the father and has prior experience in leading young adult ministries, speaking in the public school system, and ministering to struggling teens.


Anna toured with Winter Jam in 2020 as an event manager and loves administering her gifts to bring life changing events through Stirred Up Ministries. She is the author of two profound books that take you on a journey to discover the Trinity; and find your true self along the way. Find her books in the shop.

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This short but powerful book has the potential to touch lives for eternity. As it opens the eyes of our hearts to receive a new measure of intimacy with Jesus. 



Awaken, Reignite & Expand

We were each made with intention by the Lord, carrying several gifts and passions that bring life to communities around us. Similar to a fire losing its flame, our drive and determination can burn out over time. Our heart is to reignite the flame in the body of Christ, empowering them to walk in their calling. Community in Christ is a desire and dream of the Lord. We were not created to walk this life alone; together we have the ability to reignite a passionate fire in each other. 

Our mission is simply this: 2 Timothy 1:6


Book A Stirred Up

Each event is prayerfully crafted to minister to your unique community. Our ever growing team allows us the opportunity to give others a platform to use their story and gifts to impact you! Booking a Stirred Up session looks like our team coming to your home, coffee shop, church, or event, bringing a timely message through worship, teaching, and prayer. We LOVE experiencing what the Lord has in store for each event!