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Called Out

The warm sun felt warm on my face as I lay still in the deep grass. The loneliness and discouragement dissipated within the cool wind as peace settled within me. A song welled within my heart and formed from my lips as pain left my body. My song turned from pain to praise as I worshiped my King. The song faded as the words from my King welled up within me “I am bringing you into a season to create. It’s not about what you create though, it’s about learning to create with me. Learning to just be, together we will create a masterpiece.”

“For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.” 1 Corinthians 3:9

How often do we find ourselves desiring to create, using the talents God gave us. However, how often do we miss the point of creating by leaving our Creator out of the process. God desires to be in the process with you, not simply on the out skirts watching. We serve a God who desires intimate relationship, fellowship, and passionate conversations. We are called to co-labor with Him.

We are His hands and feet, but He is our mind, the master creator, and the one who put impossible dreams on your heart; through Him they are possible! How often do we create or work out of strife, even in our relationship with Him. This causes us to loose our joy and be filled with discouragement and loneliness. That’s not the freedom God has called us to. it’s time to get back to the basics of relationship. It’s time to rekindle our first love passion and just be. It’s time to prioritize time to spend in the secret place as He calls you to come away with Him.

You are loved and accepted already by Him, that is not something you need to strive for. Let His love fill you again, His well is deep, dip from the living water and be refreshed. He is calling you and me out to walk in wholeness, not simply perform. God is not measuring you by what you can achieve, He is simply calling you out to come create with Him. Grab His hand, reach into the well, step out onto the water. He has much for you, will you be bold and allow Him to call you out?


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