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Peace of God

Updated: Feb 6

As I climbed down the rocks, I glanced out to the peak of the Grand Canyon. One careful step after another, I walked until I reached the edge. I gasped as I took in the view. The wind blew lightly as I glanced over the edge into the endless drop of the canyon. Standing on the edge of the canyon, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd; thats where I felt her, the sweet still voice of my friend Peace.

We often find ourselves consumed by the hustle bustle of this world. The cares of this world can cause anxiety and fear until we can no longer breath in the fresh air of the Spirit. As I ventured my own storms of this reality, God introduced a form of Himself to me known as Peace. I wrote about the person of Peace throughout my new book Loved. I would like to share a part of that with you today in this blog post. Please enjoy a snippet of my new book as you get to know the person of Peace for yourself.

"I introduce you to my friend Peace. She comes in the form of a sweet energy and brings a rushing wave of calmness to your beating heart. In an instant, your entire body relaxes. The fear you initially felt begins to settle and then leaves altogether. Your gaze leaves mine as your body curls into a loose ball, and you allow your weight to slump against my shoulder. The burdens of today fall off of your back. The failures, rejections, and painful words you have been carrying begin to form in the pupils of your eyes as you gaze into the depth of the canyon below. I tilt your chin back to my face and meet your eyes once again. I smile as the fire dances in my eyes. “I am Love,” I say gently.

Peace wraps its grip around those chains of pain surrounding your heart that have held you captive. With a gentle tug, the chains fall, exposing your wounded heart. Your eyes stay locked with mine as your failures, rejections, and painful experiences begin to dissipate. Emerged in Peace, you let your eyes wander back to the canyon. The chains you were once carrying crash to the floor of the canyon. “In my presence, chains are broken, and hearts are exposed.” The voice of Love is like that of rushing water. You close your eyes to the sound of the soothing water, only to be awakened in an instance as you are being carried by a stream of peace. Your adventure has begun."


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