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Is She Intentional

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I held him close to my heart as if to protect him from the world and the hurt he had already experienced. His cheeky grin smiled up at me, our eyes locked and in a single moment I could see the hurt and confusion his three year old stature had already endured. I felt the moment pass as if time stopped and I heard the sweet whisper of the Holy Spirit say to me “This is your purpose, to love the unloved.”

I will never forget that day, my teenage self was not ready to comprehend the deep meaning behind those words. However in an instance I knew holding that foster baby that my purpose was so much deeper than even I could understand. Living intentional is more than just a millennial phrase that sounds good as the title of a post or your next bible study series. Its a moment in time that discloses your purpose. Discovering your purpose begins with knowing your self. Where do your boundaries begin and end? What do you want your life look like regardless of finances or circumstances? Where does doubt end and faith begin? How do we answer these questions when we are stuck in what life “should” look like. When you step within yourself and look for a deeper meaning then you begin to process the purpose. I could only comprehend a vague meaning to a deep calling, I didn’t know what loving the unloved meant. The answers  required dedicated time in the word and seeking God for the meaning of this daunting task. As I grew in my relationship with God opportunities began to unfold. I started loving on teenagers, mentoring young adults, and sympathizing with people I had once judged. Speaking opportunities presented themselves and others began asking me for advice. Living intentional is a journey not an accomplishment. It requires time and dedication and living beyond yourself. Sometimes theres a risk to be taken and other times living on your knees is a requirement. I now ask “Is she intentional?”

The sun rose just high enough for the ray to penetrate into her dark haven. ‘Mornings, ugh.. I hate mornings’ the thoughts raced through her mind as she rolled out of her bed and began her morning routine.  The day passed by casual as normal, a passive smile and a coffee stained shirt ensued. Today was no different than any ordinary day, the grocery line was long and people passed by with agendas to accomplish and schedules to fill. As she hustled along desiring the comfort of a warm bed and a mindless show, a life altering thought crossed her mind “was I intentional today?” She paused for a moment and took a look around and that’s when she saw it. A proud daddy taking his little princess out to dinner. Within a second glance she saw the homeless man with nothing more than a jacket and a hard pass in life. How many times had she drove by? How many times had she missed it? Living intentional was never about changing the world. It was always about changing somebody’s world.


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