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I Chose Single

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The carpet was pink and the walls were blue, on my knees I knelt as I whispered into the dark. "Jesus I know you are listening and I have a request for you." The words came with a breath of confidence as I continued, "When I get older I will probably get caught up in the drama of dating unsuitable guys, but don't let it work with any of them. I want my first love to be the person I marry." I stood up proud of myself, I laughed thinking of how mad I was going to be when I saw everyone in love and I was still SINGLE!

Man was I right. My teenage years where tough in the dating realm or should I say non existent dating realm! The only thing I could blame was my innocent little prayer all those years ago. Flash forward to adulthood, dating became my very own game of trial and error. Dry conversations and outrageous first dates became my kryptonite and the stories would leave my friends laughing on the floor for hours. The only thing worse than the dates were the sympathy stares from family and friends as they asked "are you dating" and soon followed up with "oh your still single, don't worry you'll find him soon." Kind hearted people with good intentions surround me and they should know its okay to be in a season of your life where you are NOT looking for a spouse. I do not believe you have to find someone in order to complete yourself. Marriage is not a badge you wear as if you finally conquered single. I chose single because I meant what I said as a little girl, your heart is precious and should not be given to just anyone. I also know that I have absolute freedom in this season of life. I am fully dedicated to the Lord as I grow in vision and accomplish my dreams. I am not saying you can't do that married, but people tend to look at "single" as a bad thing. This mindset can cause us to lower our standards as a means to move to the next season before truly falling in the love with the season we are in. I am not ashamed of my season and my time clock is not running out. I am exactly where God has placed me for such a time as this. If you are reading this right now and you are on the brink of your great love story or you are ten loads of laundry in with a baby on your hip, you are exactly where you are suppose to be. We don't always get to control the path before us, but we do get to determine how we will act in each season of life. Will you stay faithful to the promise of that special someone, another bundle of joy, or that next promotion? Or will you throw in the towel, hate your season and settle for less than what has been promised to you? You get to choose. I have embraced "single" and I can honestly say that I love it. I love where I am going, I love what's in store, but most of all I love what I am learning. To all my single friends, pray earnestly for your spouse but know your life starts now, your dreams are today. Run as fast as you can towards the goal God has placed in front of you. If someone runs next to you and can keep your pace, then take them to coffee. Keep your standards and ambitions at the fore front of your mind. Settling is devastating, single is just a season. Here is to the singles, the hardworking parents, and the empty nesters don't you dare give up, your break through is coming. Stay steadfast in the Lord and learn to love the season you are in!


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