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Sit and Watch

Here I am again Lord trusting in your timing. You call me upon the sea, asking me to blindly take hold of your hand. "Sit and watch" you whisper as you grasp my hand securely. Blind faith propels me to step out of the boat and onto the uncharted water of life. With one unprecedented situation after another it is easy to loose sight of my Creator before me. But the words you whisper urge me forward, wave after wave I will trust you.

Waiting or doing? This is often the question I find myself asking. How can I be productive with the call and gifting I have been given if I am simply waiting? And how can I cultivate a relationship with God when I am always doing? I have often asked God this question, laying my fears of being stagnant or burn out before Him. That still small voice not always quick to answer, He waits for my heart to settle before answering, "A life spent in my presence is never wasted." This is the reassurance I find within His voice.

Some of us are good at waiting and others are good at doing but the only way to please God is by simply being. Taking His hand blindly as wave after wave crash over our circumstances. As we embrace the hard and raw instead of run from it; we then can embrace a God of who brings comfort and a God who demands surrender. To be a Christian is to be a Christ follower and to live a life of repentance. "Sit and watch" He says as you repent and surrender, only then can He move on your behalf.

We were not made for waiting, doing, or even comfort. We were made for fellowship in the secret place; the Holy of Holies. Where our King and the God of the universe comes to dwell with us. Stop trying to impress Him by your gifts and actions but instead find yourself sitting in the secret place with Him and watching how He moves on your behalf. Remember, He moves within you, within your repentance and within your surrender. Stop looking for Him to change your situation, your family and friends instead watch Him change you!


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