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Why a Blog?

Updated: Feb 6

Why a blog? Why now? Are you ready for the challenge? Do you have the time? So many questions pop into my head as I begin this journey that God fashioned in me a few short years ago. Writing has always been an avenue for me to understand my emotions, and process my experiences. Writing was always for me, a little something special all to myself, my own secret get away. If you’re anything like me vulnerability is not your strong point its viewed as dare I say a weakness.

Yet here I sit, excited about this new journey and excited that you have decided to join. I can’t help but remember the passion that burned in my heart at the thought of starting a blog a year ago. Yet I waited and I sat on the idea because I understand commitment, and I was not about to start a project that I was not ready for. I believe the time is now to start this blog, not only will it stretch me in a new way, but also I get to share this life and these experiences with a community of people who may need some inspiration.

This is not just a New Year’s resolution for me, this is something more, something deeper. As I pondered the New Year, and the famous “New Year, New You” slogan I couldn’t help but wonder what that looked like for me. It then dawned on me, it’s dreaming like you wont fail, expanding like there are no limitations, and conquering like nothing can stand in your way. I am a realist, but I am also an optimist. I believe in the power of your words, and that faith does move mountains. That all being said, let’s go on this adventure together, hand in hand, watching the dreams that burrow deep within in our hearts finally come to life.


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