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Stirred Up Women

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Twelve years old, insecure, unsure, and oh so unaware. My little girl identity replayed in my mind as I shared the story once again with a small group of women. "When I was twelve God told me that I would be a speaker and I told him that I would rather live in a dirt hut in Africa" The room erupted in laughter as I told my story with an animated flare.

Despite my doubts and fears that tried for many years to stop me from achieving my dreams, I knew that if I stayed faithful to my calling, God would stay faithful to me. Years later, he brought me through an internship and straight into a job that equipped the mission of speaking in my life. In April of 2019, What started as a passion project to bring the “Acts Church” to the local communities of women; sparked a deeper desire in me to inspire women who are are on that same wave length and encourage them to change the world through prayer and relationship! I collaborated with my good friend and now ministry partner, Janice Rigel. Together we are on mission to eradicate hurt and pain in as many women as we can. We believe true healing takes place when we equip women to walk out freedom from their past. During my own journey, I discovered when my true identity collides with my dreams it creates a world changer who controls her future and changes the course for everyone she come in contact with; this very journey became the heart beat of Stirred Up Women. I catch myself more times than not sighing and saying "Is this really my life... God is sooo GOOD." I now realize that twelve year old girl was never afraid to speak, she was afraid she would not live up to the potential that was stirring within her. I quickly learned to unleash the potential and replace it with a revelation of my identity. I am now taking that same message and speaking straight into the hearts of women! As I juggle full time ministry with Break the Grey and now side dates with Stirred Up Women, I am excited to see how God collides my world and continues to fulfill my deepest desires! Why do I share this with you? Because I want you to know that wherever you are and whatever is in front of you... God is bigger. Allow his calling to radiate in your heart and simply step into the mission he places before you. Stay faithful to the call and He will stay faithful to your heart. Stay tuned... The best is yet to come!

God gave us a vision to start 'Stirred Up Women' based on 2 Timothy 1:6 as a way to encourage our sisters in Christ. We speak at coffee shops, churches, and homes with the hope of stirring up our sisters to do and be all that God created them for. Check us out on Insta and FB @stirredupwomen!


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